When I mention rebates I tend to hear a lot of negativity. Too time consuming. How do your remember to send them in on time? Etc.

I feel they are worth the time. I use a system and keep track of which rebates are coming up that I would like to fulfill. Any old folder will do. I have a sheet of paper on the front where I keep a tally of when I sent for the rebate, what it’s for and when I should start to expect the check. I keep a copy of everything I mail in. Some rebates even list a way to track them. You have to read the fine print. Some even provide instructions on what to do if you don’t see your check by the expected date. When I do rebates I only buy items that my family uses anyway. Although I have yet to not receive a check. At least I have the peace of mind that I was going to buy and use the product anyway.

Some of my recent rebates have included:

Paper products (paper towels, tp, tissues)

Healthcare items (band aids/antibiotic ointment)

Dog food

Cat litter

Cleaning supplies

These are all items we need and use daily. I’ve even made money on several of my recent rebates because of combining with a coupon. Very exciting to be paid to buy products.