One of the strategies I use to feed my family healthful food and stay on budget is couponing.

Where to find coupons.  My main source of coupons is the Sunday paper. If I find some good ones I will buy another paper and ask around to see if friends or relatives would like me to have their coupons so I can put them to good use. There are also printable coupons on the internet. Check websites for products you like. Write manufacturers about their products. A good or bad review may score some great coupons. Peelies, which are coupons located on the products at the store, are always an exciting find.

How I use coupons to increase my savings.  I rarely buy processed products or “junk food”. I definitely will not buy either of those two types of products without a coupon. If I want to try a new product I always make sure I have a coupon. My favorite way to maximize my savings is to match sales with coupons to get the products as close to free as possible. Most of my coupon usage is for cleaning, laundry, paper, and  personal products. I also search out coupons for pet products. This strategy really saved us as one of our pets is on a special diet. One partcular manufacturer actually had several high value coupons available to print off of their website. Certain stores will allow you to stack manufacturer coupons with their store coupons. Please be sure to review the coupon policy of the store where you plan to shop before planning a trip. It’s often a good idea to bring the policy along.

I have been able to save at least fifty-percent of my grocery bill using coupons. My bill averages $50 per week for a family of three plus two cats and two dogs. I find that if I “slack off” on using coupons it runs right around $100. That is $2600 a year in savings. It takes me approximately two hours a week to look at the flyers, print, clip and organize my lists. I don’t know about you but $25 per hour pay sounds pretty good to me. Happy couponing.