I cannot imagine living in a climate where you miss the changing of the seasons. I look forward to the change. With the changing of the seasons comes great opportunities for savings.

My favorite seasonal saver is buying produce in season. Farmers’ markets in the summer can’t be beat, but you can find savings at the supermarket as well. If you need something special and just can’t live without it until it comes into season try to find it in frozen or canned. You could also buy all you can while it is in season and preserve it so it will be ready for you in the off season. This is better for you and the environment. Try to buy local whenever possible. If you visit a farmers’ market later in the day you may find even more deals as the farmers may rather sell at a lower price than pack it all back up and haul it home. You can increase your savings by buying “seconds” at the market. If you are going to process it anyway, it doesn’t need to look perfect. Some ideas for veg and fruit to preserve are:

Tomatoes – Make your own canned crushed tomatoes, spaghetti sauce and salsa

Corn – Freeze or can

Green Beans – Freeze or can

Apples – Make your own applesauce and applebutter

Strawberries (or any berries) – Freeze or make jam

Grapes – Make your own grape juice or jelly

Check out a book from your local public library for instructions and more ideas, or consult a pro. Please be aware that nonacidic veg require a pressure canner for safety. If you don’t own one and are not quite sure about canning yet, borrow one and “borrow” it’s owner for a tutorial. Offer some of your canned produce as a thank you. Most people enjoy sharing their knowledge with others. Sometimes all you have to do is ask.

Savings run in cycles. You can ususually find that certain products, meats, etc. go on sale around every six weeks. Start to notice when these items go on sale and plan to buy enough to hold you over until the next cycle.

Buy this season’s clearanced items to use for next season. Where clothing is concerned this may not suit you if you are a fashion diva. I always buy classic pieces anyway. Staying away from fads is a moneysaver. Winter coats are always marked down well below 50% off in my neck of the woods. Stores typically mark clothing down even more as the season comes to a close.  Other items to snap are:

Holiday decorations/wrapping papper/greeting cards/etc.

Food/candy that is packaged for the holiday

Lawn furniture/Pool items

Air conditioners/fans

Gas grills

Lawn care/mowers/trimmers

Linens (flannel sheets with snowmen or holly berries are just as warm as plain sheets)

Keep your eyes open for seasonal savings. Winter is halfway gone.