How many cards are in your wallet?

I’m not talking credit cards. We all have our own opinion about those, and I can bet that they won’t save you any money.

If you have a store’s loyalty card you are sure to get some savings. Sometimes these are called reward cards and you don’t want to miss out on the perks. I have the following store cards and use them every time I shop, of course.





Rite Aid

Pet Smart




Best Buy

If you are unfamiliar with store loyalty cards or if you are not sure your favorite grocery or other store has one, ask at the customer service desk and sign up to take advantage of the deals.

Most stores advertise these deals in their weekly flyer. Sometimes you will find unadvertised deals by looking at the tags on the shelves. Of course manufacturer’s coupons may be combined with the store deals. At least that is how it works for all of the stores on my list. As always, be aware of your store’s coupon policy before you shop.

Another perk you may get is a special “heads up” about deals they will be offering. They may mail coupons to your home or email you about upcoming savings opportunities. Yes I realize these are mainly to get you into the store, but with some careful planning and coupon combining I know I have saved a ton. This is especially true for me with pet products lately.

Some loyalty cards allow you to accumulate points periodically to use for percentages off future purchases, to earn a holiday turkey, or cents off gallons of gas. I’ve also seen coupons to transfer pharmacy prescriptions to get a dollar off gallons of gas. You have to have a card to take advantage. Always read the fine print.

Store promotions are another of my savings tactics. I’ll cover CVS in a different post. It’s one of my absolute favorites. Yes indeedy. I love introducing everyone to extrabucks.

I like to take advantage of the grocery store promotions that offer dollars off instantly or dollars off of your next shopping trip for buying a group of certain products in one transaction. Some offer gift cards for future purchases, like Target. You don’t need a card to get that particular deal at Target. I immediately go looking for coupons to match up for these deals. Occasionally I can get the dollars off without having to spend anything out of pocket. If it’s dollars off your next order make sure you receive that coupon at checkout and keep track of it until your next shopping trip. Also watch the expiration date on those types of coupons. They usually expire within a week or two. Keep in mind to only do this for products you use, plan to donate, or get for free, in order to experience true savings.

One last tip for today. Always look at your receipt. Everyone has bad days and can make mistakes, even computers. Make sure you get all of your items too. Don’t leave bags behind by mistake. I recently left an item behind. It really “burned  my potatoes” when I got home and found I didn’t have it but had paid for it. Yes, I always check my receipt before I leave the parking lot, in addition to watching every transaction and coupon come off on the screen. I had bagged most of my groceries that day. The checker bagged too and didn’t give me that bag. Shame on me for not paying attention. I did call customer service. No one had turned in that item. They did offer to give me the item if I’d come back to the store. It just wasn’t worth the gas. Be alert. It’s your money.