It’s Sunday, the first day of the week and a day of rest to me. I usually scan the store flyers and attempt the crossword puzzle in the Sunday paper. It’s a day to recoup, visit family, maybe watch a movie and recharge for the week ahead. I had not planned to write any new posts on Sundays and then I thought – a day to visit with family. My blog family is family and they deserve a little visiting too… Most Sunday’s you will find a post, and when you don’t you’ll know I was a little too sleepy and to check back on Monday.

Today I took a peek out in the yard around back. We’ve had a relatively mild winter and there is still a little green here and there. I went for my camera to document it and found my camera missing so I checked out my garden site without it. It started the wheels turning so I headed back into the house, found the graph paper and the seed catalog.

I sat at the dining room table and decided what to plant this year. I came up with four varieties of tomatoes – one heirloom for fresh eating and sauce, another for fresh eating and salsa, a plum tomato that can be used fresh but is bred for sauce and also a cute little cherry tomato. I am going to try a banana pepper to pickle whole like my pop pop used to and a bell pepper with a little bite that I can use in salsa that I plan to make. It can’t be too hot or my husband will not eat it, and salsa is one of his favorite snacks. There will be pole beans, cucumbers, cabbage, and squash. We love fresh salads so I decided on a mild mesclun mix, buttercrunch and spinach. I plan to place onion and garlic plants here and there because they make wonderful companions for most plants. I will however keep them away from the pole beans or they would stunt the beans’ growth.

My plan is down on paper and my seed catalog order is ready to go. I can’t wait for spring. My garden will be sprouting fresh produce in no time and I’ll have extra to preserve for later on.

What do you plan to plant in your garden this year?