Almost a year ago my family switched to organic milk. I have always had problems with my skin, and it is painful to watch my teenage daughter struggle with the same. We tried the over-the-counter stuff, the trips to the dermatologist and all of the creams and antibiotics that were prescribed. Nothing seemed to work.

I read a lot. If there is a book about health that has to do with food I’ve probably glanced through it once or twice. I devour magazine articles like you’d think I get a prize of dark chocolate when I’m finished. I also watch a lot of documentaries. One day, and I do not remember exactly where, I came across some information about the hormones, antibiotics and other nasties in the milk that we consume. It went on about skin problems and even mentioned reproductive issues for young girls. I was astonished, the protective mom in me took over, and I decided to only buy organic. It is worth the couple extra dollars and is better for the environment too.

At my yearly physical appointment just a few weeks ago the physician’s assistant I see commented on how much my skin had improved. I told her we switched to organic milk, she applauded, asked if I saw certain documentaries and if I had a garden. We all know that it has not been proven that conventional milk does any harm but our skin has improved. Yes it has.

I have always struggled with my weight. I’m always striving to get more veg and fiber into our diets. I worry about what is in the foods we eat. Money is tight and as much as I would like to go completely organic it is simply not possible right now. I did go to my favorite grocery store’s web site and do a little research. I compiled a list of meals for the week that were completely organic. My grocery bill would double, even with all of the strategies I already use to keep it low. I will keep trying and looking for ways to do this. I will not give up, but for now we need to concentrate on what is doable. We will buy only organic dairy products and grass-fed, organic meats. We also have a goal of eating less meat and because grass-fed meat is more pricey this will all work out wonderfully. I have many ideas on how to stretch the meat and will share them in future posts. I find many organic dairy coupons, and we are going to check out a local organic poultry farm. Our journey begins this week and I will update our progress on this endeavour.

How do you make organic choices more affordable?