Have you had a chance to think about where you will put your garden? I know it is still very cold and maybe even snowy, but there is no time like the present. It’s going to be in the high 50’s today, in Pennsylvania. I know. Can you believe it?

Now that we know where the garden will go, what should we grow? You can certainly plan as you go, after the soil is worked and you decide whatever looks good at the plant nursery or garden center. There is nothing wrong with that. I’m a planner. That’s just how I roll. If you are one too grab a piece of paper and jot down what you might plant and where. You can even use graph paper and make it to scale as I did here. If you click the picture it will enlarge for a better view.

You can go as simple or elaborate as you like with your plan. Have the kiddos color it or cut pictures out of a seed catalog and paste them on. You could list the name of the plant, seed germination times, and special care instructions. I do not like to fool with the little tags in the garden itself. My space is limited as it is. I plant according to my drawn plan and keep it handy. Just slide it into a clear, protective sleeve and you can carry it anywhere, even with wet, garden-dirt caked hands.

I know you’ve already done your research and know if the plants you have chosen will do well, what kind of light they need, and which plants are beneficial to grow nearby. Remember all of this when you draw up your plan. I’m planting my peppers alongside the tomatoes. The tomatoes will grow tall and bush out, slightly shading the peppers. I am also going to use the fence to lean poles against and create a sort of trellis for my pole beans and cucumbers. I am a little concerned about airflow, but we will see how it goes.

Now we can take a short break until it is time to start some seeds indoors, break ground and get our soil ready. I found an herb kit when I was looking at some seeds. I’m fearful that it is still a little too chilly near the windows to start those. It’s basil, parsley and cilantro. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a jump-start on those. I would love to have them on the windowsill or in a hanging basket ready to clip whenever I need some. Can you smell the basil? It would be a wonderful “perfume” for the kitchen.

What are you growing in your garden this year?