I was excited about the change over so I scoured the web for some organic coupons yesterday afternoon. While running other errands we stopped at the grocery store and picked up a few items. I saved four dollars with coupons. I could not find any coupons for half and half or cream cheese as I had already reached my print limit for those items. I opted for store brand milk. I snapped a quick picture just to show the variety available. Note, to my knowledge, that the kefir is not organic. Upon arriving home and unloading my bounty I noticed no certified organic seal on the containers. It was in a case directly adjacent to the organic milk and creamers. It does not however contain any growth hormone. That will teach me to read labels more carefully instead of being so excited about a coupon and sale combination. I do enjoy the tangy flavor of the kefir and it makes a nice change for a breakfast drink in place of a smoothie. You have got to love all of the good stuff in yogurt and kefir.

I’m sure with a little more forethought I will be able to save much more in the future. My goal at this time was to have some organic choices available.  It is true that several fellow bloggers have found much better deals at their local whole foods store. There is one in my town, but I have yet to visit. Checking it out is on my list.

I had a completely organic breakfast today. It was delicious and filling. A gluten-free buckwheat waffle, yogurt and thawed raspberries. I had coupons for all of these ingredients and frozen raspberries were way more inexpensive than the fresh. I thawed them in the fridge. They are also great in smoothies.

What do you do to save money and save your health?