How will you get there if you don’t know where you’re going?

If you go through the week just getting done what needs done that is a great start, but it’s just getting by. It’s like just getting by financially. It’s great to make ends meet, but it’s more satisfying to be able to put something away for a rainy day or save for a special purchase. It’s also more satisfying accomplishing things you want to do instead of only the things that you need to do. This is why setting goals is so important.

I need a challenge. If I do not test myself I get bored and somewhat depressed.

To make myself accountable I write down my goals and make sure at least one other person knows about them. Some may choose to keep their goals personal and that is fine, but at least write them down. Make sure you put them where you will see them and review them on a schedule.

My goals for this week include:

Keeping the grocery budget under $40 for the week. I am constantly striving to lower the grocery bill, but it is more crucial this week as we need more money for the entertainment portion of our budget. I plan to dive into the store circulars today, shop from the pantry again, and only buy what I need combined with whatever fabulous deals I find.

Exercise 30 minutes a day every day except Sunday. I’m longing for spring. I love to walk outside and it is not difficult reaching my goal at all during fair weather. I usually try to exercise longer but I find if I set my goal for less time I will not have the excuse that I cannot find the time. I can always go longer. My dogs enjoy the walk outside as well. It’s difficult to disappoint them so they help keep me on track.

Read 60 minutes a day. I enjoy reading anything that will help me learn and expand my thinking. This week I want to concentrate on books or articles having to do with making money from home and blogging. I will also finish the book by Max Lucado that my daughter gave me as a Christmas present.

We will not go out to eat or order in. We do allow ourselves a special treat of eating out once a month and takeout once a month. This was cut back when it was decided I would work from home. I definitely have more time to get organized, but sometimes things do not go as planned and I tend to use the “going out” as more of a mechanism to get my mind off of “the problem” that arose as apposed to the fact that I just didn’t have time to make something. I always make sure there is a simple, quick meal in the house available to make at the last minute. If something does not go as planned this week I’ll just have to go for a walk or read for my escape.

Write and publish a post for my blog at least once a day. This has not been an issue so far, but I’m sure everyone experiences a block now and then. Knowing me I doubt I’ll ever run out of things to say. Hopefully I’ll continue to say things others want to hear. I’m always looking for ideas for some great content so do not be shy about asking.