One of my goals for the week is to keep my groceries under $40. We have a family of three right now with two dogs and two cats. This might be a difficult feat if I would not have planned ahead a little. What can you do to make sure you are always in a position to be able to save on your groceries?

Always buy necessities on sale so you can choose when you buy and never have to buy full price. This week I will buy fresh produce and any great deals I can find. I will not need dairy because I stocked up on that last week. I still have some meals from one of my cooking for a month sessions and many different cuts of meat in the freezer, along with a bunch of other items I stocked up on. I will not need toothpaste (have 12 of those) or any other type of personal care items either. You might ask why then would I need to buy any groceries other than some fresh produce. It’s simple. I get all the deals I can with that budgeted money because I want to make sure I never have to buy something at full price.

Yesterday morning I scoured the flyers searching for deals. I happen to have a store coupon for $4 off a $40 purchase. By combining store deals with coupons I should be able to get quite a few groceries and still stay under budget.

My list for the week looks like this:

Hass Avocado $1

Nature’s Promise Organic Romaine Hearts $2.99

Nature’s Promise Organic Grape Tomatoes $2.99

Most weeks I am able to go into the store, scan my club card and get $.50 – $1 off of $5 of produce.

Hunt’s 10 – 14.5 and 28 – 29 oz cans of tomatoes are 10 for $10 this week. If you buy 10 you get $3 off your order instantly. I have two coupons for $1 off 4 cans. I will get 10 cans for $5.

Store brand Raisin Bran Crunch (my husband’s favorite) is on sale 2 for $5. Tortillas are $1.45. I’ll use these for southwestern chicken wraps. Fruit snack bowls are $1.79. This week if you buy $8 of participating store brand products with your shoppers club card you get $3 off. I will get those four items for $5.24.

Scotch Brite Disinfecting Wipes are $2.49 and I have a B1G1 free coupon.

I also have $1 off coupons for Febreze Fabric Refresher, Cat’s Pride Cat Litter, Oral-B Floss Picks and Smart Balance cooking oil.

Last week store brand plastic wrap was on sale for $.89 each. We tried one just to see. It worked better than the name brand wrap. This week we will be stocking up at that price. I’ll also pick up a few $.50 rolls of paper towels. Paper towel deals have been scarce since well before the holidays.

After these purchases I’ll have approximately $6 to spend on unadvertised store sales or clearance products that may also be able to combine with a coupon. Schiff Vitamins are B1G1 free this week and I just happen to have a coupon. Our doctor recommended fish oil pills for our slightly elevated cholesterol, along with watching our diet and exercising. The vitamins could be my back-up plan in case I do not find any other deals. Remember to ask your doctor before you take any new supplement, change your diet, or begin any new exercise program.

Always have a back-up plan in case the shelf happens to be empty. If my back-up plan doesn’t work due to more empty shelves, I walk away. I do not buy products I do not need just to fulfill the deal. That does not save money, unless it happens to be a CVS extra bucks deal. In that case sometimes it is worth it, if you can get the item for free combined with a coupon.

Which strategies did you use this week to save money?