It’s everywhere. I only know one person in my life who does not have clutter and that would be my mom. Well, she may have clutter, but it’s well hidden, for sure. I recently noticed some of my favorite bloggers are discussing clutter and how to tackle it. I am extremely thankful that they opened this subject as I look around!

I have several problem areas, most of us do. There’s that place where things end up. You know the one. Then there’s that spot that we just don’t keep up because no one sees it but us. How much easier would our life be if we kept it more organized.

My trouble spots…

Our old computer stand. Since we moved into this house eight years ago, I have hated extremely disliked our computer stand. It never really “fit” where we decided to put it. It crowds the dining room. I’ve wanted a new one but do not want to give up some of its features. I feel that “dislike” is at least part of the reason it is neglected. It ends up being a landing-place for any project I happen to be working on. “Stuff” is shoved in anywhere because I like things to be handy. Now that all of the excuses are out of the way I have to admit that there are things there that just don’t belong. They have their own space and need me to help them find it. I have yet to see a deck of cards sprout legs, hop down, and walk over to the drawer.

My other problem area is my bedroom, specifically the closet. Since we have decided I would work from home for a time I have moved most of my office clothes to a different closet in a spare room. I have a hodge podge of clothes still in the closet. Some I still wear and some I don’t. I intend to go through these and decide whether to sell, donate or toss each of them. I should move my office shoes over to the other room as well and tidy up and vacuum. Then there is the chair in my bedroom. This has been an issue since I lived at home. It’s my great grandmother’s chair. It should be treated with respect and not used as a landing strip for whatever thing finds it way into my room but doesn’t yet have a place where it belongs.

This goal needs a to complete by date. I’ll take baby steps so I don’t give up, throw my arms up in despair and call it quits before I even start. I’ll tackle the computer stand by Saturday. I’ll even post a picture to keep me accountable. The bedroom will be finished by the end of next week.

After the clutter is cleared…

What do you do to keep the clutter at bay? Assign a place for everything. Even if I don’t have time to deal with the mail, it has a place where mail waiting to be processed hangs out until I have the time. Typically I deal with it right away, but things happen. Having a plan when “things happen” helps. Keep a basket at the bottom of the steps to collect items that belong upstairs. Next trip up give the house a quick sweep collecting items that belong upstairs. Do the same upstairs before you come back down. Waking up to a cluttered house puts me in a bad mood so I try to do a quick clean up before bed. If I fall short, it’s first thing in the morning. The least amount of time I have to look at a mess the better. Teach children at an early age to clean up after themselves, to get one thing out at a time, and to put it away when they are done. Thanks Mom!

A few ideas to give your home the facade of being clutter free, even when you know better…

Make sure your front entrance is clear. Clean the glass at your front door. Corral any odds and ends like gloves or keys in baskets or on hooks. A boot tray helps drips to not be so noticeable. First impressions are everything.

Always make your bed. Whatever goes wrong during the day, you’ll always have a semi-neat room to retreat to for courage.

What do you do to keep the clutter cleared?