Let’s find our bearings and see just where we are at in all of our adventures.


The weatherman is calling for snow tomorrow. It’s only an inch, but a gentle reminder that spring is still far away. I’ll be heading to the garden center of my favorite home improvement store soon to pick up some soil amendments and black plastic. I already have my fencing to keep my pups out of the garden. My herb kit is calling to me to start it. I’ll give that a go here at the end of the month. As soon as the weather breaks and spring is here we can get back into the How Does Our Garden Grow series.

Going Organic

The transition to organic meat and dairy is going well. We still have a lot of that conventional meat in the freezer and of course the frugal gal in me said we are going to eat it until it is gone. I am planning a trip to a local organic poultry farm on Friday. Hopefully I will have some pictures for you before the weekend.


You know the old saying that whatever can go wrong will go wrong. Between the unexpected and medical bills this month I’m going to be looking into even more ways to save. We are thinking about doing away with our land line and getting our daughter a cell phone with a $25 per month charge and unlimited texting. We would see a $15 per month savings. We are also looking into talking to our insurance agent to see if there are bells and whistles on our policy that we really don’t need, It recently renewed and went up $5 a month. We have older vehicles and haven’t had any accidents so we’ll be giving him a call. We also have the option of signing up for automatic withdrawal from our bank account, which would save us a monthly fee and also allow us to skip a month. Then there is the modem rental for our internet service. My parents recently were able to purchase their own modem, and get it for free after a mail in rebate. There has also been talk about bundling some services, but I’m just not sure I’d like to go down that road yet. Anyone have any experience with bundling? Now if we could only stop procrastinating and put these savings ideas into effect. What better to talk about next..

Goal Setting

How did we arrive here? We all know the answer to that one. My grocery list of under $40 for the week is written and ready to roll. I have only a few chapters of my book to finish. It’s Fearless by Max Lucado – Imagine Your Life Without Fear. My daughter recently enlisted in the navy and gave me the book for a Christmas present. Do you wonder if she is trying to tell me something? She does know he’s one of my favorite authors though. I’ve managed to exercise 30 minutes a day, but no more. I plan to declutter my computer desk tomorrow. We haven’t gone out to eat or gotten take-out except for the wings on Sunday for which we had planned ahead. We took that out of our entertainment fund. After all, it was Super Bowl Sunday, the second most feasting day in the country. Can anyone guess what the first most feasting day is?

Where are you in this great adventure we call life?