I have high hopes for the upcoming week. Winter is bearing down on us and it’s a great time to just stay inside and work on some projects.

Color code my filing system. My files have been neglected for many years. Now that I am working from home I’m going to give them the attention they need. I’m a very visual person and I know if I take a little time now, it will make things a lot easier for me in the long run.

Shop from the pantry this week. We went away as a family this weekend. We needed the change of scene and planned for the expense. It seems prices are always going up and it was a little more than we figured on. I plan on making up the difference by not buying groceries this week. I have a lot in my stockpile and everyone’s creativity and ingenuity needs to be tested every now and again. Wish me luck!

Continue to exercise 30 minutes and read for 60 minutes each day. An hour and a half doesn’t seem like much time for someone who does not work outside the home. Let me tell you though, it is difficult to fit it in with everything else that needs done. I even have to remind myself to stop to each lunch and take a break some days. I need to continue to put this down in print to keep me on track.

Continue to make a daily post to my blog. I have had a couple of days in the past two weeks that I have been blogging that I thought I would not make the deadline I set for myself. My plan is to prepare up to a week in advance so when illness or blank stares at the screen strike, I will not stress.


I kept the grocery budget not under $40 but at $42, which isn’t bad considering I had to improvise at the store due to the inability to complete one of the deals because of an out of stock item.

We didn’t go out to eat. We had the weekend excursion to look forward to. Some of the days were especially tough and tangled with some unexpected events, but we made it through.

Which goals did or didn’t you accomplish this week? What will you do to continue to succeed or change your strategy to realize success?