So is the unexpected truly unexpected? I say no. We all know bad things will happen. We hope they won’t, but it’s inevitable. It’s not healthy to dwell on this fact of life, but there are some simple things we can do to be able to rest easier about the uncertain future.

Stop procrastinating. Get whatever needs to be done when it needs to be done. If the unexpected strikes, it’s a lot more difficult if you are already behind on your normal daily chores.

Plan ahead. If possible, work ahead at whatever you can. For me this would mean having blog posts ready to publish. My goal is to be at least one week ahead in the future. This could also suggest that meals be ready in the freezer. That would mean one less basic necessity of life to worry about for a few days. With everything going on in the world today, for our family, this also means to have an emergency pack for each family member and the pets items ready to go at a moments notice. This may sound extreme but it gives us peace of mind. Remember that even a gas leak in the neighborhood could cause an evacuation. It’s also a good idea to have extra food and water in the house, for weather or other emergencies. I’ll elaborate more on this type of emergency preparedness in another post.

Ask for help. Most of us are prideful and want to do it all ourselves. We forget that we are not giving others the joy of giving of themselves. Start with immediate family and branch out. Your spouse and children who are old enough can certainly help you pick up the slack while you are under the weather. When we think we are supermom what message might we be sending our children, especially our sons? I do not have a son, but what might a male child think if he grows up in a household where mom always has it under control and never needs help with anything. Might he start to think that women don’t need help and are supposed to handle it all no matter what befalls them?  This is not a true picture of the world. Shouldn’t they see dad helping mom and caring for mom? Might this teach them to be caring, helpful spouses? Spouses are made for each other to help each other through this life. Some food for thought. Depending on your situation, there are also friends and neighbors who would be able to help. There might also be your church or other religious group who may even be looking for opportunities to help others. Our church’s youth group would find yards that needed tending and do that for whoever called them. Imagine what a blessing that would be to someone who just had surgery, or any illness for that matter. It would mean one less chore to worry about. From that connection and interaction imagine how many other helpful souls might catch wind of how their presence and kindness might be helpful.

Pray. I know there are those of you who will say this should be at the top of the list and those who will argue that it shouldn’t be on the list at all. Being a Christian I believe it belongs on the list. I recently read a book by one of my favorite authors. It’s “Fearless” by Max Lucado. It’s message to me was to give all of my worries to God who promises, according to scripture, to take care of all of the needs of whoever believes and simply asks. I believe in prayer. I also believe that in myself there is the ability to take some measures to make my family and myself more comfortable by preparing for the unexpected. For now I continue to do both.

It’s amazing how pain or temporary loss of one of your main senses can put a halt to the normal, everyday functions of life. Any type of pain makes it difficult to do daily tasks. You end up doing the bare necessities and all of your other grand plans get put on the back burner. My heart goes out to those dealing with any kind of chronic pain or acute, painful illness. You don’t truly understand until it happens to you.