There is a poultry farm somewhat close to home that I have been wanting to visit. Their prices seem more reasonable than the organic selection at the grocery store, especially the eggs. Although I haven’t been able to visit yet I am confident in the product because I was able to sample it at another local business.

Here at my house we have been trying to make the conversion to all organic meat and dairy. It may seem simple but there are things to consider such as the source, increase of our grocery budget due to organic being more expensive and other factors, and availability of the product.

Source I want to buy organic meat and dairy, but I want to be sure about what I am getting. Organic beef is available at my local grocery store but it is meat from a different country. Somehow I feel that defeats the purpose.

Increase in Budget We are in a tough spot here financially due to recent medical expenses. I want to continue to feed my family the best food without making the situation worse. I know the deals are out there and I know we can eat less meat to stretch it and make it last longer. We decided not to head out to the poultry farm this past week because gas is almost four dollars a gallon and it just wasn’t in our budget. These are the hurdles we must get over.

Availability I recently noticed at the grocery store the other day that the gentleman behind me in line had all organic items lined up, except for cheese. There does not seem to be a good selection of organic cheeses in any grocery store in my area. You can find a block of this or a block of that, but if you want slices or shredded, forget it. That will be my next quest.

Today I decided to include a link to the local poultry farm. I’ll be able to fill you in more after I visit. I’ve communicated via email with the owner and they seem very friendly. I can’t wait to be able to visit them at the Landis Poultry Farm.