We need time to do this and time to do that. Time. There’s never enough in one day. How do you get more? Well, you don’t. We make the best of what we have. Making the best of it. How do you do that? Some chart it and graph it. Some write down schedules on pretty paper and laminate it. Some stick it in a planner, and some stick it on the fridge, on a sticky note. Others have their electronic devices beep at them and display it on a screen.

I’ve tried every which way to manage my time. I can honestly say that nothing has worked yet for this free spirit. Schedules make me feel trapped. Writing down specific goals at the beginning of the week helps keep me motivated and somewhat on track, but I know I have until the end of the week and that is more relaxing to me. I don’t have a set day, hour, or minute for any one chore. Does everything get done? Yes! There are things I know that need done during the course of a week, and I do them. I know this approach won’t work for everyone, but it’s freeing to know that in a world of charts, graphs, and schedules, we can still be who we are and accomplish something in this life.

How do I make the best use of my time?

I take note of things that seem to take up a lot of it and decide whether it’s necessary or important in my life. I take time out of each day to touch base with family and friends on social sites, but I’m frugal with my time when it comes to the games on such sites. Paperwork such as paying bills and balancing checkbooks can be time-consuming, but that can’t be ignored, so I invested in an adding machine on which my fingers can fly as opposed to a calculator. I color-coded my files to make that task easier, and I pay every bill online that I can.

When I’m cleaning I clean whatever I have the tool out for. I’ll vacuum the first floor one day and the second floor on another day. I work top bottom. I’ll go through and dust everything first, then I vacuum. I find this saves time because you don’t have to drag all of your tools out repeatedly. If I’m doing laundry I’ll do another task at the same time in which I would invite breaks. For me that would mean organizing something, paperwork, or a similar job I might find tedious.

When I run errands I start at one end of town and work my way back home. This saves time and money. I have two days set aside to run errands. Some may say this sounds scheduled. I say 48 hours leaves a lot of leeway.

This unscheduled way of life may seem lackadaisical to some. With all of the ways to schedule your day and save time I’ve seen out there lately I wanted to give permission to the free spirits such as myself to unschedule the day. If you are feeling really stressed out and you unschedule and you feel even more stressed, then you know this isn’t for you and you need to tweak your own plan. If you start to feel better and more in tune with your life and still get everything done, you know it may be your schedule that is stressing you out. Embrace spontaneity.