The scale continues to “cooperate” and I have information like this to thank for it. I’ve increased my veggie and fiber intake to help me lose and it’s working, without me having to feel hungry all of the time. Yesterday I talked about an entire day. Today I want to concentrate on the main meal of the day. During the weekdays we usually eat our main meal between four and five o’clock in the evening. It’s best to consume the majority of your calories as early in the day as possible. Those of us with jobs and families can find this difficult. The supper pictured below was put together in 30 minutes. I did steam my beans earlier in the week and reheated them with garlic and olive oil to serve. Couscous only takes five minutes to cook after the water boils. Whole grain couscous has a nutty, delicious flavor. Marinated, pounded chicken breasts take a little less than 30 minutes in the grill pan that I used. I threw the mushrooms in after the chicken was done. I made the salad while everything was cooking.

Proof that a healthful meal can be quick, filling and delicious.