Can a good-for-you lunch be tasty and filling? Of course it can!

I’m on a weight-loss and cholesterol-lowering adventure. It makes it sound more appealing to me when I think about it like that. I’m constantly evaluating my food choices. Here’s a favorite that I found that is a spin-off from a burger I get when I go to Denny’s. It’s a California veggie burger with sautéed mushrooms and baby spinach leaves served on a whole grain sandwich thin. They serve it on an actual whole-grain bun. While there I enjoy it with green beans, but today I had some baby carrots. Carrots are sweet and crunchy and satisfy both of those kinds of cravings.

You can make this lunch at home or pack it all up separately and take it to work. It took about 2 minutes to make. The “burger” could be microwaved for 60 seconds and left to stand for the same while I reheated the mushrooms from last night’s supper. Toss on your baby spinach and you’re done. The flavor is surprisingly tasty for all of you veggie burger skeptics.