Just a heads up to let you know if you are waiting for Sweet Saturday it may be posted later than usual. I’ll be working on some birthday party goodies and hope to share them with you before the day is over. We are looking forward to some special treats for this special occasion. It won’t be the most healthful menu, but I do provide at least one healthful treat. Traditionally the main event is meatball sandwiches. I tried to do without these one year and had a houseful of disappointed guests. My youngest is turning 18 so this may well be the last of the childhood birthday parties. It has been a big event every year. My girls are the same age for nine days each year and have always shared a birthday party. At a very young age I started to make special cakes for them, practically anything they requested so they would feel special on that day. Here are a couple of the cakes.

We also have a graduation party this summer. I haven’t had any special requests for that cake yet. Last year when my oldest daughter graduated and joined the Navy she requested a very special cake for her graduation/shipping out party. Here it is complete with a silly little poem we made up about not eating the fondant which was painted with black icing tinting paste. It was a very hot July day and the writing icing started to melt even while in the air-conditioned house.

It was quite a project and tested my patience many times, but I’m sure it was a labor of love that she will always remember.

See you later for today’s sweet treat!