There is good cause to elaborate on yesterday’s post  Views on Processed Foods. I made the muffins and they were absolutely horrible. A few family members didn’t think they were that bad. At the first bite I was met with a strange bitter flavor that my daughter said may have been the 100 percent whole grain. Having had plenty of 100 percent whole grain fare in the past, I had to disagree. I wondered if it may have turned rancid due to the whole grain but the expiration date on the box was not past due, still had a couple of months.

These muffins tasted bad enough to me to forbid my family from eating any more for fear there was something really wrong with them. I’m feeling a little guilty about this now after just reading a post entitled Americans Waste up to $2000 on Discarded Food over at Money Educate. I supposed I feel a slightly justified mostly because they were free and I want to do all I can to protect the health of my family. It was nice to have a reminder about all that is wasted in this country. We normally do quite a bit to make sure we aren’t guilty of wasting food. For more tips you can check out one of my previous posts here.

Would I take another chance on a free or almost free item that I have never tried? Of course I will, as long as it meets the nutritional guidelines that I try to live by. I’d like to confess that those guidelines often change. There’s always something new to learn about food, how it’s produced and how it affects us.  We should not take the “I don’t want to know” attitude when it comes to our food. We are only given one body, and we should do our best to know all we can about the fuel that powers it and helps heal it. More on that subject later.

Have you made anything lately that has not come out as expected?