Last week I got caught up in the warm spell around these parts and decided I needed to plant something. My mini herb garden is off to a good start but just in time for a hard freeze to hit us tonight here in Pennsylvania. I think I’ll pull the little guys out of the window right after the sun stops shining on them this evening, and then I’ll go outside and see what’s budding that I can possibly cover and save from the freezing weather. I guess it’s just mother nature’s way of telling us to grow some patience.

Here’s where we are at with the mini herb garden.

One out of the three pots has sprouted. It is exciting to see the little seeds that you planted turning into  living, growing plants. Tend your plants well and barring anything beyond your control you shouldn’t need to buy herbs again. It is very satisfying to go out into your yard and pick your own organic produce.

The actual growing season begins on May 31 here in my neck of the woods. That’s the date you should be able to set out tender plants without fear of frost. It’s a ways away, but in the meantime you can still plan your garden, buy your seeds and get them started indoors. If you’re getting antsy too and want to start, you can find some of that information here. I can’t wait to be able to dive back into my gardening series.