When I noticed Money Saving Mom was inviting whoever was interested to join in on “4 Weeks to a More Organized Home,” I had to be a part of that. I love things that keep me motivated and you know I love a challenge. I’m starting a day late though, so I have to play catch up. This is what I have accomplished for day one and two’s assignments. Yes, I plan to do both today to keep on track. Let’s see how I do.

Yesterday’s Day One Assignments

#1  I dressed as I normally do because I plan to do some walking, but I did put on a new top that flatters my figure and makes me feel good about myself.

#2  My goals are listed for the week. I chose the five that were the most important to me this week. They are:

1. Check pantry, frig, freezer and plan meals.

2. Compile a grocery list of superfoods to have on hand next week.

3. Walk 45 minutes each day.

4. Have at least seven blog posts in my queue.

5. Wash the windows, blinds, and curtains in my stairwell and hallway.

#3  I completed my morning routine which consists of rising, showering, dressing, tidying the bathroom, seeing to the dogs and cats, breakfast, starting laundry, blogging, checking, answering, and completing any tasks having to do with email, and sorting regular mail.

#4  The 15 minute pick-up wasn’t too difficult because that is a normal part of my everyday routine, but there were a few things that were lingering that I’ve been wanting to get back to their places. Isn’t it interesting that after a while we just accept clutter as a permanent fixture in our lives?

The sheet on the couch is for the puppies who like to jump up there. Notice they are on the floor as I shoot this picture. Do you think maybe they are trying to make the cat look bad? 😉

#5   My purse is cleaned and organized. I’ve been using a rather old purse because I could not find one that suited my purposes this year. I had one hanging in my closet that was perfectly fine. Not even remembering why I pushed it aside, everything was changed over to the “new” old purse. I tend to stick with basic black and only have one purse at a time, never switching out to match any particular outfit. There’s nothing wrong with switching, but I like to simplify and that’s just how I roll. My purse was cluttered and definitely needed the purge!

#6 Finding seven items to part with was a chore, but doable. Pictures will be posted later.

Today’s Day Two Assignments

#1  I’ve been up and dressed for a while so that one is easy.

#2  Having only listed five goals out of the choice of five to ten for the week makes coming up with five to seven specific things to get done today a little more challenging. Let’s see…

1. Complete yesterday’s assignment.

2. Complete next weeks meal plan.

3. Compile shopping list.

4. Walk 45 minutes.

5. Take what I hope will be some interesting pictures for a blog post idea I have.

6. Complete today’s assignments for this challenge.

#3  My morning routine is complete.

#4  I plan to do my 15 minute kitchen clean up after supper tonight, which makes sense because it’s my night to do dishes.

Yes, I keep the vitamins on the counter or we conveniently forget about them.  It’s just one of those things.

#5  Cleaning out the refrigerator has been on my to-do list for almost a month, so I’m glad it came up in this challenge. I’ll tackle that when I get back from my walk. The frig was cleaned in sections. I tackled the door before supper and the inside after.

#6  Finding seven items to get rid of today will be a little more challenging, considering I had such difficulty coming up with seven for yesterday. We are planning a yard sale and already have items boxed up and put all of my duplicate items in boxes in the attic that are for my daughters to set up housekeeping. I do have some yard sale clothes that I wanted to wash up because they have been sitting around for some time. I wonder if sorting, washing, drying and boxing them up would count. 🙂

By the end of this evening we’ll see all that I have accomplished. Are you up for the challenge?