Still playing catch-up here with Money Saving Mom’s Four Weeks to a More Organized Home challenge. I’m working on Assignments 3 and 4 simultaneously and hope to be right on track tomorrow!

Task #1 Getting dressed in something that makes you feel great. This wasn’t too difficult as typically I get up and put something on that accomplishes that . I always put on make up and do my hair, wear perfume, etc. The thing I never do is wear jewelry. I was fascinated with jewelry as a child, but it’s not high on my list at all now, except for a few rings that have a special meaning.

Task #2 While eating a good-for-me breakfast of buckwheat, dried plums and toasted walnuts and green tea with jasmine I tackled my list of 5 to 7 things I will absolutely and positively get done today, we hope.

  1. Accomplish the remaining tasks for Days 3 and 4 of this challenge
  2. Walk for 45 minutes
  3. Go grocery shopping
  4. Make a phone call to confirm my dental surgery appointment
  5. Vacuum and mop the downstairs floors

Task #3 and #4 My morning routine is done and part of that always consists of tidying up the bathroom which will make today’s 15 minute clean up that much easier. I do need to mop the floor though and having the bucket and mop out for the downstairs will help with time there too. My floors are dirty too. The grass was mowed for the first time this season and for some reason the dogs really have them tracked up. No before pictures of floors today. Yuk!

Task #5 Cleaning out the freezers (Day 3). That was done last week. It was wiped clean and organized. Our basement freezer gets done when we defrost it, which takes considerable time. I think we’ll stick to that schedule for the wiping out part. The shelves are usually organized according to type of meat with veg and other items hanging out on the door. Cleaning under the beds and furniture (Day 4). My bed was just done last week. We were looking for pictures and one of the boxes was shoved way under so off came the mattresses. Not bearing to miss the opportunity, out came the vacuum. Sometimes my best cleaning is of the spontaneous sort. 😉 I’m feeling pretty good being ahead of the game with a few of these tasks. Too bad I’m dreadfully behind on others. One of my daughters has a trundle bed, so nothing under there except another bed and the other bed’s underneath is home to those under-the-bed boxes containing extra bedding overflow. We are just beginning spring break here so I’ll entail the help of my daughter to move the couch and loveseat. I’m sure we’ll find puppy fur. With a golden retriever and a retriever mix it’s a given.

     Silly pups!

Task #6 Find seven items to get rid of today. This one is becoming increasingly more difficult to do. We already live simply, and I’m saving most of what we do not need for my daughters, but with some digging I’m sure I’ll come up with something by this evening.

Check back for an update tomorrow a.m. Remember that the bolded tasks are the main tasks to complete. Are you taking part in this challenge? If so, don’t forget to let everyone know how it’s going. If not, what kinds of challenges would you like to be a part of?