Still playing catch up with Money Savings Mom 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home Challenge

Friday’s Assignments were as follows:

#1 Get up and get dressed in something that makes you feel good about yourself.   check

#2 Sit down with your morning beverage and go over your weeks to do list, writing down 5 – 7 items that you want to complete today.

  • Go to grocery store to pick up some last-minute holiday food items
  • Walk 45 minutes
  • Prepare food and do Meatless Friday blog post
  • Prepare food and do Sweet Saturday post
  • Make sure I’m aware of pre dental surgery instructions for tomorrow

#3 Complete your morning routine. check

#4 Remove couch cushions and vacuum under them. Spot clean fabric if necessary. My cushions do not come out but I did vacuum in between and vacuumed all of the furniture top to bottom.

#5 Set a timer and for 15 minutes do something that you really enjoy and that relaxes you. This one was easy. I read and finished a book.

I’m so glad Saturday and Sunday are day’s off from this challenge, but I can’t wait to get back into it on Monday. Happy Easter!