I’ve been following along with Money Saving Mom and her 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home challenge and here are her Assignments for Day 7.

  • Get dressed in something that makes you feel great.
  • Sit down with a cup of coffee or tea and write down 5 – 7 goals you would like to accomplish today.

  • Complete your morning routine.

My morning routine is pretty typical and I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before. Today, though, I have an unfortunate event to use as an example of yet another reason why a “routine” is a good idea.

Every morning I feed my cats their wet cat food. It’s a messy, smelly ordeal, but they enjoy it and I’ve read that wet food is closer to the kind of diet a cat should have. They also have dry food available at all times. Our gray kitty was already pestering me this morning to be fed and was jumping up, pawing at me, etc.

When I pop the top on a can of cat food, “Rat” (It’s a long story), our black and white kitty, always comes barreling down the steps. He’s a large cat and it always sounds like a child running down the steps. Pretty comical. Today I heard nothing. Popped the can and silence. He’s a pretty old kitty, nearly 15, so I became worried. He’s somewhat of a shy kitty too and doesn’t show himself a lot. I went up into “his room” and called for him. I heard a meow and thought maybe he somehow got caught up in the roll-top desk that is in that room. I called again and heard another meow. The attic door is in that room too but it was closed. I opened it and called to him. He came bounding down the steps, whiskers covered in cobwebs. It was windy beyond belief yesterday and the only explanation is that the wind opened the door and then sucked it closed again. Poor “Rat the cat”! If it had not been for my morning routine he may have spent the day in the attic. I would have had a scared kitty, and I probably would have had a mess.

Sleepy kitties

  • Set a timer for 15 minutes and vacuum the main living areas of your home.

I did the downstairs yesterday so it looks like it will be the upstairs today.

  • Wipe down all of the baseboard in your home. If you have children who can help, you might divide your home into sections and have everyone take a section so you can get this job done quickly.

This is the main item Money Saving Mom recommends to accomplish for the challenge today and that is why it is in bold type. I have tons of woodwork, and in every room, with heavy furniture to move. It will be fun to see how many rooms I can get done. It sounds like an impossible job, but I’ll concentrate on how good I will feel when it’s all done and clean.

  • Find 7 items to get rid of today.

Sorry not so many pictures today due to some computer glitches.