Monday rolled around again and it’s time to get my house in order with Money Saving Mom and her 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home challenge!

Day 11 Assignments

  • Get dressed in something that makes you feel great.

It’s a new v-neck tee today that I purchased with some of my birthday money. Last years shorts are just about falling off. That makes me feel excellent. All of this walking and concentrating on good-for-me food is really paying off.

  • Sit down with a cup of coffee or tea and write down this weeks goals.

No coffee or tea today. I sat down with some left over berry crumble and opted for water for a little hydration because of an early morning walking date. The walk helped clear my mind and focus on the week ahead. It was beautiful outside. The high today just may reach 80, which is unseasonably warm.

  1. Balance checkbook/pay bills
  2. Draft and order my youngest daughter’s high school graduation announcements
  3. Rewatch the movie Courageous for Sunday School discussion.
  4. Read The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn
  5. Set aside time each day for the challenge assignments
  • Complete your morning routine.

Today’s routine is complete and I even incorporated a 45 minute walk into it. It was looking pretty nice out there already!

  • Set a timer for 15 minutes and quickly pick up your house and put things back into order after the weekend.

This wasn’t too bad. There were only a couple of throw blankets that needed folded and put back.

  • Clean out your silverware drawer. Remove all items, vacuum out the crumbs with your vacuum’s attachment, wipe down the drawer with a damp cloth, get rid of anything you don’t need or no longer use, and then put everything you’re keeping back into the drawer in an organized manner.

  • Find 7 items to get rid of today.

I found three, started to read my book, and decided the book was so good that there’s just no time for pictures. 😉