It’s a busy week here and a good thing I got into the habit of setting daily goals. Nothing helps keep you on track like writing it down. I’ve been keeping mine front and center on my laptop to make sure I see them before I sign onto the computer. It’s a great reminder of what I have left to do and it keeps me focused.

Here’s a sample of the past two days…


Monday May 14, 2012

  1. Bills organized DONE
  2. Balance checkbook – both bank statements DONE
  3. Compile 2012 medical so far DONE
  4. Call to order 6 month supply of contacts DONE
  5. Cash in Swagbucks  (log in Work at Home Binder) DONE
  6. Get closer to $30 for Inbox Dollars DONE
  7. Go to BP check at doctor’s by 1:30 DONE
  8. Make supper/do dishes DONE
  9. Figure out CVS shopping trip DONE (Got $28.55 for $4.66 Whoop!)
  10. Blog about freezer challenge to start Tuesday DONE
  11. Go through email and whittle down to 50 DONE

Tuesday May 15, 2012

  1. Figure out “fill your freezer” shopping trip DONE
  2. Link to Money Saving Mom later in evening or tomorrow a.m. (whenever she posts)
  3. Finish updating “Work at Home Binder” DONE
  4. Go through email and attempt available surveys DONE
  5. Make supper/do dishes DONE
  6. Brainstorm logo and slogan for business cards DONE

Of course I accomplish a lot of other things that aren’t on the list, such as laundry, other phone calls, exercising, etc. Some may chuckle that I added “make supper” but sometimes I do have to remind myself to stop working and do that so it’s ready when husband comes home. It’s my gentle reminder to stop typing and clicking and get cooking. 🙂

What do you do to stay on track?