The vegetable lasagna turned out fine using the no-boil noodles. I had never used them for a freezer recipe so I wanted to make sure. The noodles were tender and baked perfectly. My daughter really enjoyed this dish and my meatless dish snubbing husband even agreed that it was good. It may have helped that the veggies were shredded and not in huge slices.

This flavor combination could turn out to be almost as frugal and nutritious as you can get. It’s a bonus knowing that the two star veggies are easy to grow in the garden, and I plan to grow them both this year. If you find Ricotta (or cottage cheese), sauce, and noodles on sale or with a coupon deal this could be a frugal meal even snazzy enough for company. You could also use a different pasta, switch up the veggies, and make it a casserole like Money Saving Mom did in her 4 Weeks To Fill Your Freezer series.

How can I make this recipe more economical next time is a great question to keep asking yourself. With that mindset I’m sure you’ll continue to see your food bill be reduced.

Don’t forget to plant extra tomatoes this year for home canning. Canning tomatoes is more simple than it seems, and I’ll take you through the process at the end of our growing season.

Remember that it takes a little while to change or start a new habit, so don’t get discouraged if you are only just beginning your journey towards frugality, eating more healthfully or both.

If you’ve never tried freezer cooking because something’s been holding you back, express your concerns here.