Our menu seems to change with the seasons, just like the weather. I suppose that’s true for most families. As it warms up outside we eat more salads and cold side dishes, we grill more, and we picnic and camp.

This Weeks Supper Menu

Sunday – Picnic with extended family – Cheeseburgers, hotdogs, smoked sausage, peirogies, potato salad, baked beans, pickle boats (dill pickles stuffed with egg salad and topped with green olive slices), fruit tray with yogurt dip, brownies, and chips. Wow! Can anyone say, “Help roll me to the car after it’s over.”? 🙂

Monday – Picnic leftovers

Tuesday – Grilled chicken topped spring mix salad, raw baby carrots

Wednesday – Oatmeal Pancakes, sliced fruits

Thursday – Panko crusted Provolone stuffed chicken breasts, whole grain pasta and sauce, spring mix salad

Friday – Campfire cookout – Cheeseburgers, homemade potato salad, beans

Saturday – Pizza mountain pies (bread, pizza sauce, pizza cheese, and optional pepperoni) made in a mountain pie maker over hot campfire coals, salads, s’mores

In case you didn’t notice, I can tell you that the calorie count for the campfire cookout food is through the roof. Fortunately we seem to burn a lot of calories when we camp. We rarely sit around, unless it’s around the campfire after it’s dark. We hike, swim, and enjoy the great outdoors. Pick up any hiking book and the author often warns about dieting or cutting calories while camping or hiking. It’s just not the time, especially if you are planning a long hike. I’m sure there is a much more healthful menu plan, such as chicken and fish. Let’s just say we are expecting company and the company is expecting the higher calorie fare. 😉 We’ll have to eat the healthful food at the other meals.

What’s on your menu?