We camp, a lot.

After camping for years, with the kids, just ourselves, and with pets, we have it down to a science, and have been at it enough to mix things up a bit. Everyone knows S’mores are a big camping hit. How could you ever imagine outdoing a perfectly toasted marshmallow, with its slightly singed outside and warm gooey center, as it melts your chocolate on your favorite graham cracker? I’ll tell you how…with a peanut butter cup. If you like the chocolate and peanut butter combo, then of course warm and gooey chocolate and peanut butter is better. This year one up your s’more by slapping on a different chocolatey treat. See if you can come up with a new favorite like we did, and come on back here and share.

If you’re not into camping there’s still hope. Make s’mores around the fire pit at home, over the bar-b-que grill, or in your microwave.

Mix up your marshmallows. Marshmallows come in flavors. I’ve seen chocolate, strawberry and toasted coconut. Don’t forget about the jumbo marshmallows. You could also double your marshmallowy pleasure and go retro  by trying a Mallo Cup instead of a chocolate bar. I hear they are now available in dark chocolate. Yum!