It’s suppertime. Pretty scary words unless you have a plan. Save yourself loads of time and money and make one. Here’s what’s for supper at our house this week.

Sunday: Pizza

Monday: Meatballs and gravy over mashed potatoes with candied carrots. I used meatballs I made for BBQ meatballs. I got a great deal on baby carrots a week ago. A store deal ended up making them $.63 a bag. Carrots are a simple, frugal side dish and so good for you.

Tuesday: “Pizza” toasted cheese sandwiches with a green salad. I ended up making these with the pizza mountain pie fixins we had left over from our camping trip. Yummy! I also got the romaine lettuce on a BOGO deal at Giant. There are three heads of romaine in each package which translates to 6 dinner salads for my family of three plus salads for me for lunch every day this week.

Wednesday: Ham and eggs with toast. There’s nothing like breakfast for supper to save money and for something different. Usually ham is on the pricey side but my wonderful father gives us one each year that we have cut up. That love multiplies into dozens of meals. Thanks Dad!

Thursday: Roasted chicken, carrots and potatoes with a green salad. This meal always reminds me of my grandmother. She always added a little white wine to hers.

Friday: Italian turkey burgers and onions and peppers with cauliflower puffs and a green salad.

Saturday: Dinner out with extended family to welcome home an out-of-town relative that misses one of our local sandwich shops.