It’s summertime. What to do to keep the kids entertained? My kids have been teenagers for a while and a lot of times teens go their own way and sometimes don’t have time for lazy day summer fun due to summer jobs, taking summer classes to get ahead with college courses, or other responsibilities. For the ones who do find the time or make the time, Money Saving Mom’s Four Weeks of Frugal Family Fun series sounds like a way to get some new ideas for all ages and maybe get our memories jarred a little about some good old-fashioned standbys.

Being the sentimental person that I am and hardly ever missing an opportunity to mix in a little learning, cleaning or organizing with a fun thing, I thought of a frugal, sentimental and entertaining rainy day activity.

Going through old family photo albums. It’s a good opportunity to sort and organize pictures you haven’t yet. This would be a good activity for ages 8 and up, but I guess it would depend on maturity. Children love to hear stories about their ancestry. Everyone should know where they came from, and like to hear funny or even more serious stories about relatives who have passed. It helps keep their spirits’ alive and helps kids to get to know relatives they may have never had a chance to meet.

Going through relatively newer family albums. You took the pictures for a reason, to remember. Why not sit back and remember together. Remember the time we went there and so and so did this? It’s all about the memories folks, isn’t it?

Organizing a new album or boxes of photos. Because this is about frugality, no need to buy special supplies. You can always organize the photos in a small box, or shoebox until you have an album to put them in. I know in the age of digital everything, it’s much more convenient to store everything digitally, however; it’s nice to have a few albums with real pictures to leaf through. Call me old-fashioned.

Use those digitally stored pictures to make a book or calendar. I’ve seen great deals on these periodically. This would make a great present for grandparents or a parent that travels a lot. This would also make a great present for a recent high school graduate to take to college. Nothing like a calendar or book of special family memories to help soothe a homesick heart.

You may have noticed I have no pictures with my blog today. It’s kind of odd for a post about photos I know. That’s because husband and I had some of our own summer “fun” today. It was called replace a fence post, which entailed taking the privacy fence apart, digging up and pulling out the cement holding the old post, running to Lowe’s for more cement and 2 x 4s, and finally finishing the job. Can anyone say, “Let’s collapse in an exhausted heap.”? I wouldn’t want to do that for a living, and it wasn’t frugal either. Kudos to all of the fence post replacing persons out there!