Cake pops seem to always be a big hit at celebrations. A graduation party for my daughter recently prompted their creation yet again.

How can something so simple turn out to look so spectacular? Guests are impressed and I’m always asked for the recipe. Party goers are amazed that it’s a lot more simple than they thought.

Bake a box cake.

Crumble up the cake in a large bowl.

Add a canister of ready-made icing.

The flavor combinations are endless. We used dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate icing for one batch and strawberry cake with butter cream icing for the other.

Mush it all together in the bowl with your hands and roll into balls.

Refrigerate balls on a tray or cookie sheet until you melt your chocolate or other coating.

Poke a pop stick into each ball. Dip stick into chocolate and then into each ball.

After you have all of the pop sticks inserted refrigerate the balls. This really helps with the process. If the cake balls are cold, the coating will dry faster thereby speeding up the process, which is important when you have around 100 balls to decorate.

Dip the cake balls in the coating of your choice. I used the wafers this time but usually use a good quality chocolate. Follow the package instructions for whichever candy coating you choose.

I’ve seen stands which you can purchase in the cake decorating section at certain superstores for around $3, but you could make your own. You want your cake pops to dry while in an upright position. In a pinch you could tape two cereal boxes together and poke holes so that the sticks penetrate the top box. This would hold them upright and stable. I found it easier to buy the stand, though, and that can be reused. We were careful that the pops were done dripping before inserting in the holder. I placed it over a pizza pan so I could transport it to the frig. It held 48 pops at a time. After they are cold and the coating is set you can store them topside down on a nonstick cookie sheet or tray lined with nonstick foil, wax paper, or parchment paper.

To display your cake pops you can get as creative as you like. I purchased a foam block from a craft store which I have reused several times. You could also arrange top side down on a plate or as a bouquet in a vase.

We sprinkled our pops with colored sugar and nonpareiles. You could also pipe icing on. Work quickly though if sprinkling.

Enjoy these fun two-to-three bite wonders.