Check back next week for a new Sweet Saturday recipe.

This week we ran into a few snags with a painting project that we needed to finish before getting ready for a little vacation. Although you may find that posts are sparse over the next couple of weeks, I’ll try to make up for it with some great photos and I’m sure many new life experiences. It’s always good to do something different. It does wonders for shaking up my creative side.

Stayed tuned for maybe joining in on an eating from the pantry challenge and

Challenging myself to feed a family of 3, 2 dogs and 2 cats for $200 a month

Garden updates

Beach and boardwalk photos and experiences

Making black raspberry preserves

Canning tomatoes

Canning pears

and much, much more.

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer season as much as we are here at the Frugal and Healthful house.