Simple recipes and silly stories make up the fabric that we call life.

Once when visiting my aunt, who is sentimentally much more considered my sister, we were looking forward to dinner. She and my uncle were making bar-b-que ribs. Yummy stuff. She said she would make her yukky potatoes to go with the ribs. Yukky potatoes? She said she had a way of making potatoes as a side dish that her son thought was yukky, so the family has forever more dubbed these yukky potatoes, even though the rest of us think they are delicious potatoes.

For this recipe make as much per serving as you would for mashed potatoes.

Peel, cube and put your potatoes in water as you would for mashed potatoes.

Boil, but not for as long as you would mashed potatoes. Poke a potato cube with a fork. They are done when it enters the cube easily but hopefully does not break the cube apart. 🙂 This process takes approximately 10 minutes. It really depends on the size of your cubes.

Drain your potatoes.

Add butter, salt and pepper and seasoning of your choice. We like a little garlic powder. I do recall that she added an entire stick of butter, that smart remarks were traded between she and my uncle, and that life insurance was discussed. Our family gauges love by how much we pick on and tease each other. There was a lot of love that day. 😉

Add a green herb of your choice, fresh or dry. Our favorites are chives or dill.

Let your butter melt and mix it all together.

Enjoy your yukky potatoes.