We are on the cusp of an eating from the pantry challenge as well as a feed our family of three plus four pets for $200 or less a month challenge, so if things aren’t adding up to what you consider healthful, or look a bit strange, that’s why.

Sunday – Pork chops with onions and peppers, potatoes, salad

Pork chops are on sale this week, potatoes are always on the cheap side, and salad is a bargain at farmers’ markets this time of year.

Monday – Poorman’s meal

We have it too easy these days. I agree that the economy isn’t the greatest, but be realistic. My grandparents had it much, much worse during the depression. This lovely great-grandma, Clara, reminds me of my Italian grammie. She knows how to stretch a dollar and still make a meal everyone will enjoy. Click the link for a nice tutorial on how to make Poorman’s meal. My grammie had to quit school and go to work to help support her brothers and sisters, and we think we have it bad. She is the oldest sibling, and she is 92.

Tuesday – Pasta e fagioli (pasta and beans), salad, garlic bread

There are no complaints when I serve this hearty, meatless meal. For a change of pace or a more thick soup or stoup (stew/soup) use jarred tomato sauce instead of the broth and tomato products. Any pasta shape that you have on hand will work.

Wednesday – Ham BBQ, Baked beans, Fruit cocktail

You may already know from previous posts that we have lots of ham in the freezer. I also have some buns in the freezer that I need to use. The makings for some homemade bbq sauce and the other items are hanging out in the frig and pantry. Cook a hunk of ham in the slow cooker. Tear it apart with two forks, add your bbq sauce and let cook until flavors combine. Serve on buns or over cornbread. It’s also good served with coleslaw.

Thursday – Salmon cakes, Corn cakes, Italian green beans.

Canned Pacific wild salmon is frugal and healthful. Don’t forget to eat fish twice a week to get your Omega-3s. Canned salmon and tuna help accomplish that, even on a tight budget.

Friday – Crockpot beef stew, Garlic bread

I’ll post this easy recipe and photo in the future. We’re planning a yard sale, so it’s important to have a meal that I can fix and forget until it’s time to eat. We can make the garlic bread while we are setting the table.

Saturday – Leftover beef stew

Beef stew is even better reheated. 😉 It will be appreciated on this busy day!