A trip to Walmart, local butcher, and Wegman’s added a little bit to the tally.


2 Lysol bowl cleaner, store brand Magic Eraser 2 pk, and Pond’s make-up removing towelettes


Local Butcher

1 lb each of beef cubes and loose sausage



1 gal organic 1% milk, celery, 6 lb ground beef, and puff n corn (hmmm, who put that in the cart?)


Free garden produce

A huge cabbage, with which I intend to make a freezer full of cabbage rolls. We’ll also make fried cabbage and potatoes with hot peppers with the inside leaves that will be too small to wrap rolls.

Three bulbs fresh garlic

A nice size zucchini

A cuke to slice into salad

Total: $39.11

That leaves $59.49 left to spend for the month. Scary isn’t it? You’d be amazed at what can be accomplished when you set a goal.