We must be vigilant in the midst of the $200 a month grocery and eating from the pantry challenges. Planning is crucial, as is creativity and a little nutritional forgiveness.

Sunday – Stuffed Cabbage Rolls, recipe to follow at a later date

A gift of a huge head of cabbage from dad made these possible, and I also made a generous stash for the freezer. You can make these even more frugal and healthful by using…

ground turkey instead of beef,

brown rice instead of white rice,

and/or adding additional chopped vegetables.

Monday – Pork chops with peppers and onions, potatoes and fried cabbage.

Tuesday – Oatmeal pancakes, sausage patties, fruit.

This is a repeat meal from last week. We enjoy the sausage from a local butcher/deli. It is very lean and flavorful. We split a pound between two meals that feed three to four. It’s more of a little taste of sausage with our pancakes. Meat should be an accompaniment to the meal and not the main event for better health anyway. The oatmeal pancakes are very filling, and better for you than just plain old pancakes.

Wednesday – Cheeseburgers, Italian breaded zucchini “fries”, Romaine salad

Thursday – Bean with Bacon soup, Peanut butter crackers

A childhood favorite of mine, not being really fond of other kinds of canned soups, I usually keep a couple of cans in the pantry for emergencies. If you’ve been following along you know it’s time to rotate stock in the pantry. I guess I haven’t had that many emergencies or we’ve turned to freezer meals. I like to float the homemade peanut butter rich round crackers in the soup. It’s an interesting flavor combo that goes well with the smokey flavor of the soup, but then I also like to dip buttered toast or English muffins in orange juice. Thank you Aunt Joan for introducing that to my mom, who then showed me. 🙂

Friday –  Marinated, grilled chicken breasts, grilled potatoes, romaine salad

Saturday – Tatertot casserole, mixed vegetables

What’s on your plate?