This week we are preparing for a yard sale at the frugal and healthful house.


While I’m not one to recommend running to every yard sale in the general vicinity on a Saturday morning just to buy whatever, I am into finding specific items that one may need. If you grab whichever Friday night or Saturday morning paper that lists your local yard sales, you will find that many will place specific items in the ad. If you are in need of a large item, such as a dresser, you’ll save a ton if you pick one up at a yard sale, even if you have to refurbish it a little. You can also have your own sale and clean out that attic or garage. I’m itching to do just that. I find if you set a purpose for the money you’ll make ahead of time you always do better because you have a goal to work towards. Our earnings this year will go towards our budget category of truck repairs/tires. In the past we have used our yard sale profit for the summer vacation fund.

Tips For Hosting Your Own Yard Sale

Check to see if your community has any laws regarding yard sales and follow the rules.

Decide what to sell. You can have someone help you with this process if you are sentimental.

Clean up any items that might need it. A lot of times you can get more for an item if it’s spiffed up a little.

Price your items. If you haven’t had a sale in a while you may want to browse a few sales in your area to make sure you aren’t under or overpricing your items.

Figure out a display strategy. Hang clothing on hangers from a clothesline. Plan to borrow tables if necessary. Have an outlet and extension cord available to test electric items. Make sure customers have a safe path to walk around and look at items. As you place items on your tables keep the box under the table for large purchases or for easier cleanup after the sale. Figure out how you will cover your items in case of bad weather.

Save grocery bags to use for customers’ purchases.

Ask friends and neighbors if they would like to join in before you place an ad so you can split the cost.

Set one price for pants, another for shirts, etc. and write it on a sign instead of having to mark every item.

If you make and post signs in the high traffic areas of your neighborhood, which I highly recommend, make sure to take them down when your sale is over. They can create quite an eyesore.

Make sure to get change the day before your sale starts. Decide who is in charge of the cash box and keep a close eye on it at all times, or wear a cash belt or fanny pack. Have a pen and paper nearby or a calculator for quick adding.

What kinds of items have you scored at yard sales that saved you a bundle?