A huge head of cabbage from my dad’s garden inspired me to make stuffed cabbage rolls for the freezer, or pigs in the blanket as we call them around here.

I ended up with three zip top bags of six or seven pigs each. I also ended up with a container of leftover meat, rice and cabbage to make stuffed cabbage soup.

Cook enough rice so you end up with 6 cups. I used a brown instant variety that I had on hand in the pantry.

Saute 2 med onions in some olive oil.

Mix the onions with the rice.

Mix in 6 lbs of ground beef and 4 eggs. You can use a meatloaf mixture or beef and pork mixture too, equivalent to 6 lbs. At this point I also add any seasonings, such as salt and pepper and maybe some garlic powder.

While you are preparing your rice and onions you need to soften the cabbage leaves. You can use whichever method you prefer. Some remove the leaves and steam them or some core and steam the entire head, peeling off leaves as they go and then steaming again. That’s up to you. My head of cabbage was so large I did both.

Cut out the stem of the cabbage leaf so that they roll easily. Place enough meat mixture in the cabbage leaf so that you will end up with a full pig after you roll it.

At this point you can place your pigs in zip top bags to freeze or bake them in your favorite tomato sauce.

This is such a time consuming task that I make three different zip top bags. This translates into six meals for us as the cabbage rolls are huge, we like them with garlic bread to dip in the sauce, so there is always enough for two meals.

To heat these I ususally place them in a slow cooker or counter top roaster with our favorite tomato sauce. I usually add a can of tomato soup too. It adds an interesting flavor that we’ve all come to enjoy.