July has come to a close. It’s a good thing because the grocery money allotted for the month has been spent. We weren’t perfect but did pretty well.

A trip to Aldi for $21.67

to Giant at $21.85,

and Target at $23.12 – $4.00 for clothing or $19.13,

and with $4 spent on corn on the cob and cantaloupe at a local produce stand,

the month rounds out at exactly $14.48 over budget. Not too shabby. I can only imagine what it would have been without diligence and planning. Hopefully we’ll hit closer to the mark next month.

Some may argue the point about wasting gas to get to multiple stores. This is not the case in this instance. I started out at a haircut appointment and worked my way back home not deviating from the same road the entire trip. It was very convenient and cost effective, allowing me to visit multiple stores and get the best deals at each, making the most of my money. While doing so I scored a nice top at Target for $4 by pairing a sale with a coupon and a free pack of ballpoint pens using a store coupon. Aldi has many items that are just as good as name brand for a fraction of the price, including some quick lunch options my daughter requested, and Giant was having a great sale on the meat for a couple of special meals that were requested. I hope to do even better next month and can’t wait to try.

Whatever reasons we have to try to save money, whether it be to have more to save or invest, have more to give, or to have more to pay down debt, it’s always smart to let someone in on your plan, to help keep you accountable. Of course first you need a plan. Thank you for sharing in my goals by following along with these posts and keeping me honest.

How do you stick to your money-saving goals?