Summer is in full swing. It’s time to utilize the crock pot and grill to keep the house cool and also keep the cost of preparing the food in check. I love the changing of the seasons and enjoying the various fruits and veg from them. It gives you something more to get excited about.

Sunday – Baked steak in the crock pot with mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, and salad (Husband’s special request)

Monday – Leftover baked steak and gravy over bread with mixed veggies, and cantaloupe

Tuesday – Stuffed cabbage rolls with garlic bread

Wednesday – BLT’s and salad (We like our bread toasted. Note the mayo. There are vegan varieties available that taste very close to the “real” thing.)

Thursday – BBQ Chicken with potatoes on the grill and salad

Friday – Grilled Rainbow trout and fresh summer veggies with rice pilaf

Saturday – Family reunion picnic (I’m bringing Italian pasta salad.)