We are into the first two weeks of August and are right on track. Expenditures so far total $82.67.

My most recent trip to Target looked like this…

I know it looks like quite the hodgepodge, but my method is to buy what you can while it’s cheap or free and you won’t need it when it’s not.

This haul contained:

2 bags of dog food (not pictured, that scored us a $5 gift card to use in the future)

10 cans of cat food

A Ritter Sport bar (a once in a while indulgence)

Fruit snacks

Bugles (husband’s indulgence)

4 bags of frozen veggies

Cleaning/disinfecting wipes

Comet stainless steel


Scotch tape

Pantene shampoo and conditioner

Garnier shampoo and conditioner

$43.98 spent

$22.97 saved

Ducked into Walmart on the way home because someone remembered they broke a boot lace. I happened to have coupons for tissues they carry and someone also decided they wanted a candy bar. Here’s a hint. Someone isn’t me.

$2.24 spent

$1.50 saved

Earlier in the week we made a trip to Wegmans because it’s our closest organic milk source. Also, daughter had a hankering for chocolate so I picked up a couple of Ritter Sport bars. This is where I noticed how much cheaper they are at Target and is why I grabbed one to keep back the next time we shopped there. I don’t eat candy bars often, but when I do, I find this European chocolate to be worth the calories. They seem pricey, but you have to keep in mind that each bar contains three servings. Remember to keep that in mind while you’re eating it too. 😉

$10.77 spent

We also ran into Giant for ingredients for pasta salad that we needed to make for a picnic. While there I spotted a B1G1 free deal on bread and another store deal that scored me some rock bottom prices on cat litter and feminine products, even without coupons, so we stocked up.

$25.68 spent

$16.11 saved

Remember: In order to reach a goal you need to set one first!