Sunday – Ham String Beans and Potatoes (This didn’t make it on the  menu last Wednesday and I needed a cool weather/crockpot dish.)

Monday – Buffalo chicken flavored breaded baked boneless, skinless chicken thighs with rotini mac and cheese and fresh broccoli with olive oil and garlic plus cucumbers dipped in blue cheese dressing.

Tuesday – Leftover Ham String Beans and Potatoes (I even had some to freeze for a quick supper.)

Wednesday – One of those cheesy hamburger dinners out of a box sort of things with leftover broccoli. (I rarely buy these anymore but it was a steal as I combined a stupendous store deal with some coupons.)

Thursday – Smoked sausage with onions and peppers and a homemade pierogi casserole (recipe to follow) Not so healthful, but frugal and filling.

Friday – Chicken and vegetable stir fry over brown rice

Saturday – Chili