It’s a busy time of year. The kids are back at school or homeschooling is well underway. You’re away at college or maybe a working mom trying to figure out how to best use your time to make the upcoming holiday special. Here’s a quick, simple recipe that we enjoy. It’s great for anyone with access to limited cooking equipment too. You need a mug or two and a microwave, although heating your milk on top of the stove in a pan would work fine too.

For each single serving of hot cocoa place 2 Tbsp sugar (I’ve gotten away with 1 Tbsp sugar with good results but of course a more dark chocolate taste.), 2 Tbsp of your favorite baking cocoa powder, and a dash of salt in a mug. Add a few teaspoonfuls of water and stir until smooth. Meanwhile heat a cup of milk either in the microwave in another mug or on top of the stove in a small saucepan. When hot add the milk to the cocoa mixture in the mug. Add a splash of vanilla and stir well. Enjoy!

To make things more festive you could top with whipped cream and dust with more cocoa powder or cinnamon, crushed peppermints, add marshmallows, etc.

Happy Autumn! Remember to enjoy the simple things…