Fresh garden produce comes in handy when you’re watching what you spend at the grocery store. It tastes better than store bought too. We had a freeze last week so our garden is done for the year. The bounty shown above is my second to last harvest. My last harvest consisted mostly of peppers, which I processed for the freezer, to stuff and also to add to chili, stir fry, sausage and peppers, etc. I’m happy to report that there will not be a need to purchase overpriced peppers at the store this winter.

I’ll be sharing what was spent for the final shopping trip of September later in the week. I went a little over budget as I started to stockpile for the winter, so the challenge has come to a close. It must be the squirrel in me, or maybe it’s just smart to be prepared in case we are trapped in the house because of a blizzard, ice, or frigid temps. 😉 Sometimes it’s nice not to have to do a weekly shopping trip, especially when the weather is nasty or just downright cold.

What do you do to prepare for winter?