Have you been following along with the Pantry Challenge hosted by Jessica of Good Cheap Eats ? We are and it’s going well, so far.

A look at the week ahead…

Sunday – Ham Pot Pie and applebutter bread

Ham Pot Pie

Ham Pot Pie

We had a lot of left over ham in the freezer from the holiday. This is one of my husband’s favorite ham dishes. Made from scratch pot pie noodles make it extra special.

Monday – Oatmeal Pancakes, lean smoked bacon, clementines

Oatmeal pancakes

Oatmeal pancakes

These pancakes are favorite and very filling. The bacon in the freezer was left over from a recent anniversary trip to Lancaster, PA, one of our favorite destinations. We’re easily peeling a seedless clementine as a sweet dessert to this breakfast supper.

Tuesday – Louisiana sausages with beans and cornbread

A while back I had some coupons combined with a great store deal for different kinds of sausages. These are the last to use. To help make things more healthful we’re eating a small amount of sausage and pairing them with beans and cornbread.

Wednesday – Leftover Ham Pot Pie and applebutter bread

Thursday – Parmesan crusted Tilapia, roasted potatoes, peas

Fish is a nice addition since we seem to be “swimming in a sea of pork” this week. 😉

Friday – Toasted cheese and tomato soup

This week we needed to switch around a couple of days at the end of the week due to company coming on Saturday, so it’s canned soup on Friday night. It’s meatless night too, and I shouldn’t hear any complaints as we’ve been consuming some very flavorful meat this week.

Saturday – Sausage and bean soup and garlic bread rolls

This is a recipe my dad shared with me right before Christmas. This is already the second time we’ve made it. He even shared some homemade Italian sausage so I could use it for the soup. It’s so good that my daughter’s boyfriend went back to college and made it himself to take for his lunches after having it for dinner at our house. It’s that good.

Stay tuned later on in the week for some photo updates and recipes.