I know it sounds like a contradiction, but I still do some shopping when we are trying to eat from the pantry. Of course I do not spend anywhere near what I would normally spend during a month of not participating in a pantry challenge.

This week I shopped at Aldi and Wegmans. I find Aldi is a great place to save without having to use coupons. Coupons are usually great, but at times when I sift through my coupon box I may end up seeing a few close expiration dates and buy things I don’t necessarily need. That is a fine practice if your goal is to stock up and not survive on what you have. Wegmans is my favorite go to store for meat deals. I can get boneless, skinless chicken breasts for $1.99/lb and ground beef for $2.19. It is the cheapest and nicest looking quality meat in my vicinity.

Here’s what we ended up with for a 2 week shopping trip:


$.10 white bread (I know. I couldn’t believe it either. I should have gotten a few loaves to throw into the freezer but didn’t.)

$.49 wheat bread

$1.39 2# carrots

$1.29 large bunch celery

$2.99 3 multicolored peppers

$.99 3pk scrubber sponges

$1.30 2 cans sweet peas

$.49 can creamed corn

$.98 2 cans french cut green beans

$.99 large ripe pitted olives

$1.39 shells and cheese

$5.52 8 canned pasta (My daughter chose this for lunch options and as a Saturday night supper option. We enjoy this private label item better than the brand item.)

$.49 tomato soup

$1.18 2 cans bean with bacon soup

$1.29 dog biscuits

$.69 some sort of chocolate filled cookies on clearance from the holidays. They looked like those expensive yummy pepperidge farm cookies. Guess what! They tasted like them too. šŸ˜‰ I guess if you are going to give in to an impulse purchase…make it something that’s decadent and costs under a dollar?

$.65 evaporated milk (I made this purchase to help us not to have to run to the store if I’m almost out of milk for a recipe.)

$22.22 Total


$11.94 6# boneless, skinless chicken breasts

$13.58 a little over 6# ground beef

$1.99 2# Mayan sweet onions

$27.51 Total

$49.73 Grand total

We used a holiday gift card to purchase dog food, cat food and cat litter this week. The best part of this shopping trip was the use of the gift card to take care of pet items and the fact that I purchased the club pack of meats to get the cheaper price. It may seem counter productive during a pantry challenge, but we were low on meat and I’ll stretch that meat to last for the entire month. I love a challenge.