This was a “free” meal. My dad had given us a ham at Easter time. (He does this every year, Christmastime too.) We have it cut into two ends and some ham steaks for use throughout the year. My parents also gave me the potatoes, as well as a bunch of other stuff that would spoil over the time they are on vacation. The beans were from my dad’s garden. I made garlic bread from some Italian bread that was hanging around.

We have leftovers for Tuesday’s supper plus some for lunches. There are those that just don’t enjoy eating leftovers, or dishes multiple times in a row. We don’t mind. If it’s good it’s good and this is one of those meals that just gets better as it is reheated.

This dish is not extremely healthful yet it’s not completely horrible for you either. The ham was lean and you can always skim the fat after it’s cold, yet another perk of refrigerating and reheating. I added a lot of green beans. I figure it’s a good two servings per bowl. Besides, it’s getting to be the main harvest season of summer. We can play make up with nutrition with the bounty of summer fruits and veg that will be plentiful and inexpensive in the weeks to come.

We are fed and God is good. There are those who are much worse off. We should count our blessings.

Ham string beans and potatoes


I put the ham end in a crock pot with water almost to cover and let it cook on high for about an hour. In the meantime I peeled and cubed potatoes and added those to the crock pot. Lastly I rinsed, cut the ends off of the beans and cut them in half and threw them in. They were the hearty Italian bean variety, heirloom seeds. My dad gave me some for my garden too. Mine are just starting to show signs of beans. I added a small minced onion and a teaspoon of garlic powder. Then I turned it to low and let it cook all day. I’m sure you could just throw it all in and cook it all day on low. That’s what’s nice about a crock pot in the first place. If I had more people to feed and/or didn’t have the potatoes I would have made homemade pot pie noodles, or just made ham pot pie, with carrots, which are cheap all year round.