Things have been a bit odd and inconsistent around the frugal and healthful house lately, hence the sporadic posts. We are plugging on, however, and will overcome whatever obstacles that present themselves. Feel free to jump on board the optimism train with me.

Sunday – Chicken and waffles, gravy, carrots, and corn

Monday – Tortellini chicken salad (utilizing leftover chicken), garlic bread sticks – Recipe to follow  This is a cold salad dish served with warm bread sticks…something a little different to mix things up a bit.

Tuesday – Tatertot casserole, peas, green salad

Wednesday – Potato soup with homemade croutons

Thursday – Beef fried rice with Chinese vegetables

Friday – One of those cheesy chicken and broccoli skillet dishes, with extra broccoli, of course

Saturday – Breakfast for supper

Sneak preview – Our Sweet Saturday will be Pumpkin Roll